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April 25, 2011

April 25, 2011

Keith Richards daughter Theodora in drug rehab, ordered to do community service –

Theodora (who did not have a prior criminal record) did not enter a plea in her case, and her attorney told the court that Theodora is currently in a drug-treatment program.

Prescription drug addiction: How the epidemic is shaking up the policy world – Scope

The county is a microcosm of the national epidemic of prescription drug addiction and overdose, which has spurred Congress to introduce legislation to crack down on “pill mills” and led the White House to unveil a new policy.

Police offering families free kits for drug tests (with video) – Livingston Daily

On May 11, Project Opiate will sponsor a community presentation on how prescription drug use can lead to drug addiction. The 7 pm event will be held in the media center of Highlander Way Middle School, 511 N. Highlander Way in Howell.

MADD tackles county’s state-worst teen alcohol use – Valencia County News Bulletin

Teenage alcohol abuse is higher in Valencia County than anywhere else in the state. As many parents joke, there isn’t a manual for parenting, and our fast-paced, modern world can leave parenting skills in the dust. Mothers Against Drunk Driving want to help, and they have developed a program with research-proven strategies to help parents keep their children safe from the dangers of underage drinking.

Alcohol and meds can be lethal for seniors – Fergus Falls Daily Journal

Alcohol abuse is often triggered by changes in life such as retirement, death or separation from a spouse or family member, a friend or a pet, health concerns, reduced income, impairment of sleep and or family conflicts. Many older adults take prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and herbal remedies. Drinking alcohol can cause certain medicines to not work properly and other medicines to become more dangerous or even deadly.

The health risks of taking ecstasy –

Ecstasy has been the drug of choice for club-goers over the past two decades, and the combination of taking pills while dancing all night has led to most reported deaths.

Methamphetamine: Meth is ‘a perfect storm toxin,’ researcher says – Los Angeles Times

It’s well-known that highly addictive methamphetamine wreaks havoc. For an illustration of the drug’s ravages, just take a look at these before-and-after portraits from Portland, Ore. But faces and brains aren’t the only parts of the body the drug affects.

Man arrested in Scottsdale hotel stabbing did it for heroin hit – AZ

One of two men accused of stabbing a man in a Scottsdale hotel last week did it for a hit of heroin.

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