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January 7, 2015

January 7, 2015

Pete Doherty said to be ‘drug-free’ after treatment in Thailand rehab centre – International Business Times

In early December, two months into his treatment, Doherty is said to have relapsed, but he is now said to be free of drugs. As well as recording, he is planning more live performances. He is also launching a fund to assist other addicts to receive treatment at the British-run Hope Rehab Centre in Si Racha, on Thailand’s east coast.

Battling Drug Addiction, Veteran Credits Support Center for Turning His Life Around – Rochester TWC News

Michael Brown was a member of the Army National Guard from 2006-2012, and when he returned home, he found himself depressed and plagued with survivor’s guilt. Michael became addicted to heroin and crack cocaine.

Heroin cheaper than painkillers in Denver – 9NEWS

Heroin and prescription drug abuse are two of the leading causes of overdose deaths in Colorado. Over the years, there’s been a shift in which drugs addicts have been trying to get their hands on.

Ky. heroin bills raise hope, face skepticism –

We all know heroin use is an epidemic in our area. But what are our local leaders and institutions doing – or not doing – to fight it?

A Hundred Years Failure – Politico

How did a law to regulate heroin traffic turn into the costly, futile War on Drugs? We don’t need a drug czar to tell us—even though one of them has—the war on drugs, by its own measures, has been a century-long failure.

Arkansas law enforcement concerned about heroin –

Arkansas law enforcement authorities are expressing concern about the growing heroin use in the state. The re-emergence of the highly addictive drug is being blamed on easy access for many years to overprescribed pain-treatment opiates, such as oxycodone and hydrocodone.

Fake bar part of research into anti-drinking drug – Mohave Valley News

There’s no skunky bar odor amid the beer taps. Instead of booze, colored water fills the bottles. The real alcohol is locked away but still close enough for the extra temptation of smell — and to test the safety of a new drug designed to help heavy drinkers say “when” sooner than usual.

Campaign looks to discourage parents from supplying alcohol to kids – The Edwardsville Intelligencer

The “Is It Worth it?” campaign reminds parents that there are real dangers and consequences for providing alcohol to minors.

Martial arts class helps kids and adults work through trauma – The Southern

Dawn Prince has learned life lessons through personal drug and alcohol struggles and her experiences being homeless for five years that she uses in her Snow Monkey Martial Arts classes. The Buddhist monk said “everyone can be a teacher” and she learned patience and love from homeless people and addicts.

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November 27, 2013

November 27, 2013

Chloe Lattanzi, Olivia Newton John’s Daughter, Talks Drug Abuse And Eating Disorder – Huffington Post

By her 20s, she was spending over $100 on cocaine and drinking half a bottle of vodka every day. After having a meltdown in September 2012, while mixing alcohol with prescription medications, Lattanzi entered rehab. She recently opened up to the Daily Mail about her struggle with addiction.

Studies prove students use prescription drugs to enhance their cognitive performance – News Medical

American and European studies prove that students use prescription medication or drugs to enhance their cognitive performance.

Rep. Trey Radel to take leave of absence, enter drug treatment – CNN

U.S. Rep. Trey Radel said Wednesday night he will take a leave of absence for an unspecified time and donate his salary. “I have no excuse for what I have done. I have let down our country,” he said at a news conference. The 37-year-old first-term Republican from Florida said he will enter an inpatient drug treatment program.

Rehab survey: Oxycodone is first choice – Futurity: Research News

A nationwide survey questioned more than 3,500 people in 160 drug-treatment programs across the United States, asking which drugs they abuse and why. Oxycodone was favored by 45 percent, and hydrocodone was preferred by about 30 percent.

Police: When prescription pill abuse becomes too expensive, users switch to cheaper heroin – Washington Post

On a gloomy Friday night in the Prince William County jail, a 36-year-old woman took a deep breath and pondered how she ended up in a windowless cinder-block room. She had been an elite middle school math teacher in the Virginia county, married, with two children and a house in Stafford County.

Oxyana highlights prescription drug epidemic in Appalachia – World Socialist Web Site

A mother of an addicted son explains how prescription drugs create an underground economy “that’s far superior to a legitimate economy.”

US prescription drug overdoses quadruple over last decade – World Socialist Web Site

A recent report by the Trust for America’s Health details the burgeoning epidemic of prescription drug abuse in the United States.

#EndMedicineAbuse: Why Prescription Drug Abuse Is So Personal – Huffington Post

Why do I care so much about prescription drug abuse? Because my father abused prescription drugs. He was once a successful chemist, but when he was teenager he was in a car accident that started his life-long dependence on painkillers. His abuse of prescription drugs caused the breakup of his marriage with my mother, and is why I barely know him today.

Journey to forgive: Man escapes methamphetamine addiction – Appeal-Democrat

Picture a recovering meth addict and a multiple felon, and the appearance of Surinder Dhaliwal would be among the last images the mind would conjure. Dhaliwal wore a button-down, blue-collared shirt tucked into khaki slacks and brown dress shoes. He smiled easily and often. His voice still carried a tinge of his native British accent, lending a distinguished note to his words that belie his journey, his struggle, to get where he is today.

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January 31, 2013

January 31, 2013

MO Rep. thinks drug dealers should be taxed on their products – KMBZ

In addition to the criminal charges that are brought against the defendant, they are also subject to the civil proceedings that department of revenue would pursue. Other states have similar laws, like North Carolina, which brings in about $11 million dollars a year from their drug tax. He’d like to see at least part of the revenue generated go toward drug rehab programs to cut down on repeat offenders.

Sen. Schumer wants restrictions on oxycodone as abused drug, but measure wouldn’t affect New York State – North Country Now

Approval of the recommendation would reclassify hydrocodone as a Schedule II drug at the federal level. The reclassification would place it on the same tier as a class of drugs that includes methadone, oxycodone, and oxymorphone.

Drug Rehab Source Publishes Insightful Article On Cocaine Addiction Rehab Facilities – Melodika

People deal with stress and hardships in different ways, and sadly, there are those who end up becoming addicted to drugs.

Early alcohol abuse signs – Yahoo!

A study of high school students aims to identify teenagers at risk of abusing alcohol and drugs, helping to identify what parents should look for.

Generic drug makers allowed to profit off of drug abuse – The Hill

According to the Obama-Biden White House, prescription drug abuse is “the nation’s fastest-growing drug problem.”

Impact of methadone treatment center debated in Northeast –

“Untreated addiction is what we should be concerned about, not treatment,” said Cini, who compared an addict’s need for methadone to a diabetic’s need for insulin.

Prescription drug abuse skyrocketing in teens – ABC Local

Police say teens are abusing many prescriptions drugs including painkillers like oxycodone and anti-anxiety pills like Klonopin, Xanax, and Valium. Police say teens often steal prescription drugs from medicine cabinets and then sell the pills.

Randy Travis In Treatment For Alcohol Abuse – All Access Music Group

RANDY TRAVIS has entered rehab at an alcohol treatment center according to his attorney.

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November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012

Octomom Nadya Suleman: ‘Rehab Has Changed My Life’ – Celeb Buzz

She’s back — and touting a dramatic change in her life. The woman known as Octomom, Nadya Suleman, ended a 28-day rehabilitation program in time to spend Thanksgiving with her family. “I am looking forward to my future and still feel I have a lot of work to do on myself, therefore I will be continuing my treatment.”

‘Alcohol abuse behind rise in liver ailments among youth’ – Times of India

Liver ailments have become common among youngsters, say doctors, while attributing this condition to growing alcohol consumption among this generation.

‘I grew cannabis farm to fund son’s drug rehab': Pensioner just wanted to help his ‘suffering’ – Mirror

A pensioner grew cannabis worth £12,000 to wean his son off drugs with a rehab course. Former oil rig worker Frank Jones, 74, admitted producing nearly 400 grammes of the drug which he told magistrates he believed was worth up to £3,000. After the hearing in Barnsley, he said: “You tell me any parent who sees their son suffering, who would not do just about anything to help them?

Pregnant drug users need treatment, rehab for two – Windsor Star

Dawn recalled what it was like to come down off oxycodone: after the rush of energy, she would get “dope sick” – nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, anxiety. “That’s the worst feeling in the world.” She can’t imagine what being dope sick is like for an infant, Dawn said, cradling her rounding middle.

UW-Stevens Point mulls banning alcohol from dorms – Janesville Gazette

One year after a student drowned in a river after a night of drinking, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is considering banning alcohol consumption in the dorms, even for students of legal drinking age.

Thiago Silva Fails UFC on Fuel TV 6 Drug Test, Fighter Suspended – 411 Mania

UFC has released a statement regarding light heavyewight fighter Thiago Silva (14-3, MMA; 5-3, 2NC, UFC) who failed a drug test for marijuna following his fight with Stanislav Nedkov at UFC on Fuel TV 6: Franklin vs. Le. His win over Nedkov has also been overturned to a no contest.

Special courts aim to keep vets clean, out of jail – Greenville News

When a knee injury left him on disability and reliant on pain medication, Army veteran Clarence Johnson hit a wall. Out of his prescription drugs, the New York City native was arrested during a visit to South Carolina last year after buying narcotics on the street.

Doherty seeking treatment next year – KOKI Fox 23

Rocker Pete Doherty is planning a return to rehab in the New Year after cutting short a stint in a Thailand clinic over the summer, because he wasn’t mentally ready to “commit” to the program.

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February 5, 2012

February 5, 2012

More heroin for heroin addicts – is the Department of Health quite off its head? – Daily Mail

Free heroin dispensing on the NHS is getting closer. For seven years now the Department of Health has pumped our money into its ‘injectable opiate treatment trials’ to prove that it ‘works’. Now it plans to pour good money after bad.

Oxycodone: A good drug gone bad steals lives – Florida Today

Family torn apart by prescription drug abuse: Casey Keenan talks about prescription drug addiction from jail, while her mother suffers through the fact that all three of her children are hooked on the strong medications.

Mesa police: Suspect said he stole for wife, heroin addiction – Tucson Citizen

A man who was arrested on suspicion of stealing parts of an air conditioning unit told Mesa police Wednesday he did it to support his wife and his heroin addiction.

Still Crazy: Some Dabble In Hard Drugs After 50, Researchers Find – WITN

“There are probably more people using heroin sporadically then there are addicts.” Sporadic users having good jobs, nice homes, and families, but they are five times more likely to die earlier than those who don’t use drugs at all.

Alcohol can be toxic to your heart – Salem News

Most of us have read or heard that moderate drinking of alcohol can protect the heart from disease. It raises the level of good cholesterol, reduces plaque in the arteries, and helps prevent blood clots from forming. But do you know alcohol can be toxic to your heart? Over the longer term, heavy drinking can lead to high blood pressure, enlarged and weakened heart, congestive heart failure and stroke.

Chris Herren delivers life lessons to Rutgers basketball – New Jersey Newsroom

It was standing room only as people lined the wall around the couple hundred seats that had been set up. Their eyes were locked on the once upon a time star. Their ears perked as they intently listened to his life story, hooked on every word like he once was on drugs.

Two glasses of wine a day ‘triples mouth cancer risk’ – The Guardian

Television adverts will aim to show that drinking just over the recommended daily limit for alcohol increases the risk of serious health problems. For example, regularly drinking two large glasses of wine or two strong pints of beer a day triples the risk of developing mouth cancer.

Florida turns tide on prescription drug abuse – Bradenton Herald

Florida can celebrate several major milestones in the struggle to contain the state’s prescription drug abuse and pill mill epidemic.

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March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011

OxyContin abuse spreads from Appalachia across U.S. – Bellingham Herald

Nearly every family in eastern Kentucky has been touched by prescription drug addiction and death. In the late 1990s, it was easier to find OxyContin – pure oxycodone with a time release – in Kentucky. The pills’ maker, Purdue Pharma, was selling it “hand over fist” to doctors in eastern Kentucky, rich with coal mine injuries and government health care cards.

Bill Aims to Ban Common Cold Remedy Without a Prescription – KLAS-TV

Senator Leslie says it’s a solution to a growing drug abuse problem in Nevada. She claims it is a proven option and cited Mississippi, which took pseudoephedrine off the market six months ago. She says the state has seen a 90 percent drop in crime …

City, county, school officials ready drug drop-off – Republican & Herald‎

More than seven million Americans currently abuse prescription drugs, according to the 2009 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Each day, approximately, 2500 teens use prescription drugs to get high for the first time.

Health bodies attack government alcohol abuse campaign – ShareCast ‎

A group of health organizations are refusing to sign up for the government’s campaign to tackle alcohol abuse as they feel it does not go far enough.

Doctors Lax in Monitoring Prescription Drug Users – About ‎

The same doctors who are prescribing powerful pain-killing pills to an estimated 48 million Americans are lax in monitoring those patients to determine if they are abusing the drugs, even those who are at high risk for opioid misuse.

3-year-old Diagnosed as Youngest Ever Alcoholic – Fox 31 ‎

“This is an extreme case and definitely one of the youngest cases of alcoholism we have heard of. However, it does raise the issue of the accessibility of alcohol and how normal it has become.”

Bills target meth ingredients; ignore drug, alcohol addiction – The Daily News

Synthetic meth drugs such as methylone, MCPV, mephedrone, methedrone, flephedrone and 3-FMC, which are basically the same substance and are labeled not for human consumption, could be purchased legally until the state began targeting them last week.

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December 31, 2010

December 31, 2010

Good for something: TSA scanner finds passenger’s meth – McClatchy Washington Bureau

Rhonda Renee Simmons is scheduled to appear in court Jan. 12 on a felony charge of possession of a controlled substance after police say she got caught with about a gram of methamphetamine in her pocket Tuesday night at the Boise Airport.

Experts worry that medical-pot laws promote teen use – Denver Post ‎

The experts say they especially worry that increasingly permissive attitudes surrounding marijuana use might be leading to higher teenage drug use and …

Man sentenced to 6 years in heroin overdose death – Chicago Tribune‎

A southwestern Illinois man has been ordered to spend six years in prison after he admitted his role in the heroin overdose death of another man.

Limits on over-the-counter decongestants could aid fight against meth – The Tennessean

Authorities’ reasoning is that pseudoephedrine, the key ingredient in the decongestants, is also a critical element for making methamphetamine.

Man told police he was high on meth when he stole car with baby inside – Pioneer Press‎

… with stealing a car in St. Paul last week with a baby inside told police he was “really high” on methamphetamine at the time, a criminal complaint said. …

State expands ID check for drugs – Boston Globe ‎

“The rising number of overdose deaths from prescription drug abuse is a very significant problem in Massachusetts.”

Prescription drug abuse ‘epidemic,’ local doctor says – Beckley Register-Herald‎

Nearly half of all emergency room visits result from prescription drug abuse involving opioid-related medicine, or for a combination of illicit substances, …

Students fight back on alcohol abuse –‎

The poster is part of an innovative campaign called “Project Brain” to help change students’ perceptions about alcohol abuse. Having lost several friends …

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February 26, 2010

February 26, 2010

Illegal Prescription Drug Distribution – USA
South Carolina doctor sentenced for illegal drug distribution – Thaindian News

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA (BNO NEWS) – A doctor, of Hilton Head, South Carolina, was sentenced to 41 months of supervised release for conspiring to illegally distribute oxycodone, U.S. Attorney Kevin McDonald announced on Friday.

Drug Prevention – USA & Mexico
U.S. and Mexico issued a declaration of drug demand reduction cooperation – Thaindian News

WASHINGTON, D.C. (BNO NEWS) – The White House announced on Friday that government officials from the U.S. and Mexico issued a declaration of drug demand reduction cooperation.

Drug Rehabilitation – World News
Narconon network celebrates its 44th birthday – Behavioral Health Central

The Narconon drug rehabilitation program began on February 19th, 1966, based on a decision by Arizona State Prison inmate by the name of William Benitez. After reading a book by humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, “The Fundamentals of Thought”, Benitez recognized there could be a whole new approach to curing himself and helping others get permanently off drugs – concentrate on your abilities, rather than your addiction. It sounds simple now, but it wasn’t to an inmate who had tried every other method to get off drugs way back in ’66.

Prescription Drug Abuse – USA
Superwoman syndrome credited to popping prescription pills – Thaindian News

New York, Feb 26 (ANI): A survey has revealed that most women, who are overwhelmed by jobs, kids and commitments, pop prescription pills to boost their energy, calm them down or for any other non medical reason.

Drunk Driving – USA
Police: Drunk man drove off with gas hose –

SOUTH BEND, Ind., Feb. 25 (UPI) — Indiana police said they arrested an alleged drunk driver who drove away from a gas station with the nozzle and hose still attached to his vehicle.

Drug Related Incarceration – USA
Michael Douglas’ son Cameron to stay in jail until sentencing – Thaindian News

New York, Feb 26 (ANI): It has emerged that actor Michael Douglas’ drug-dealing son, Cameron, will remain in jail until he is sentenced in April.

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December 18, 2009

December 18, 2009

Oxycodone – USA
‘Big Brother 9′ Winner Released To Drug Treatment – The Associated Press

‘Big Brother 9′ Winner Facing Drug Charges Released To Drug Treatment After Posting Bail

Alcohol – USA
ND Measure Would Raise Taxes On Wine, Beer, Liquor – The Associated Press

Raising North Dakota’s taxes on beer, wine and liquor would provide up to $2 million a year for programs that teach about the dangers of underage and binge drinking, says an advocate who wants a statewide vote on the issue.

Drug Money Smuggling – Mexico
U.S. drug cartel crackdown misses the money – The Associated Press

TIJUANA, Mexico – Every day, criminals shove proceeds from U.S. drug sales in their shoes, tape it to their torsos, stash it under dashboards — or just wire it electronically to Mexico. It all adds up to $25 billion a year.

Drugs – World News
3 Al-Qaida Suspects Charged In African Drug Case – The Associated Press

US Charges 3 Al-Qaida Suspects With African Drug Smuggling Into Europe

Underage Drinking – USA
Drunk 4-Year-Old Hayden Wright Steals Christmas Gifts, Drinks Beers, Has Very Merry Xmas – Crimesider

Hayden’s mother, 21-year-old April Wright, woke up at 1:45 a.m. and panicked when she realized he was missing. She found Hayden, drunk, outside the house drinking a 12-ounce can of beer Tuesday.

Alcohol Related Death – Germany
German Police: Missing US Man Fell Drunk In River – The Associated Press

German Police: Missing American Student Most Likely Fell Drunk Into Frankfurt River

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December 10, 2009

December 10, 2009

Methadone – UK
The Big Question: Is methadone being over-prescribed as a treatment for drug addiction? – The Independent

A dispute has erupted over the treatment of drug addicts in prisons. According to the former government drugs tsar, Mike Trace, the Ministry of Justice and the Department of Health are battling to impose their differing approaches. The Ministry of Justice is said to favour pushing addicts towards abstinence, while the Department of Health is understood to back the “maintenance” prescribing of methadone to keep addicts stable.

Olympics – World News
IOC Withholds Jones’ 100-Meter Gold From Thanou – ABC News

The International Olympic Committee on Wednesday reallocated two individual medals stripped from Marion Jones for doping, but in an unprecedented move withheld her 100-meter prize from Greek sprinter Katerina Thanou because of her “disgraceful” behavior in evading drug tests at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Oxycodone – Canada
Oxycodone Linked to Rise in Opioid-Related Deaths – HealthDayNews, Inc.

In the Canadian province of Ontario, painkiller abuse appears to have boosted the number of deaths from the drug known as oxycodone.

Narcotics – USA
Ky. Clinic Killing Highlights Region’s Drug Issues – The Associated Press

As the only doctor in a 30-mile swath of Appalachia, Dennis Sandlin was committed to using a tracking system designed to curb prescription drug abuse, an epidemic in the area he had served for nearly two decades.

Drugs – USA
Bodybuilders See Kidney Damage With Steroids – The New York Times

Many competitive bodybuilders take anabolic steroids to achieve their freakishly exaggerated physiques. That is no secret. But steroids can be only one part of an extreme regimen that can wreak havoc on the body. Human growth hormone, supplements, painkillers and diuretics can also be used to create the “shrink-wrapped” muscles so prized in the aesthetic.

Alcohol – USA
Drinkers Can Track BAC with New iPhone App – Join Together

A new iPhone application helps users keep track of their blood-alcohol content (BAC) and sends warning messages if data indicates the user is “buzzed” or legally intoxicated.

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